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GMCS GROUP is a privately owned strategic investment group with a network spread around the globe.

GMCS was founded in 1988 when it made its first direct equity investment in a US trading company. Our group has continuously grown and diversified its activities staying true to professional excellence.

Complementing our investment activities, five years later in New York we added a consulting practice dedicated to sustainable development. Today, our companies are united under the same dedication to quality and social responsibility.

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GMCS and the Ukraine Crisis

The war in Ukraine has destroyed lives. It has also destroyed trust, relationships and decades of progress.

GMCS GROUP has been active in the post-Soviet region since the beginning, working alongside multinational banks, investment and aid agencies to develop infrastructure, connectivity, and better quality of life for all.

At this time of loss and deepest grief we lean on our core values and stand together as one multinational team. We will continue to work together building and re-building our vision of an ethical and sustainable world of sovereign nations.

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Dushanbe Trolleybus Project
On 22 February GMSC Team introduced the draft "Public Service Contract between the Executive Body of the City Government of Dushanbe and Public Transport Operator» at the Hukumat of Dushanbe. The new Public Service Contract (PSC) will have a positive impact on the quality of services provided and the efficiency of the Public Transport Operator. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Saidzoda, the Deputy Chairman of the city of Dushanbe. The head and specialists of the transport department of the Hukumat, heads of bus companies, as well as head of State Communal Institution "Dushanbenakliyotkhadamotrason" participated in the fruitful discussion of the draft PSC during this meeting.


Balti District Heating Phase 2
Cet Nord JSC (the Client) has invited the Consultant to participate in Forum „Green Transition. Balti - city for people", which was held on 22nd May 2023, at Nortek Center, "Alecu Russo" State University of Balti, The Consultant presented to the Mayor, Municipal Council (MC), EBRD and other stakeholders on the details and issues of this large-scale Project that require specific attention and focus during the implementation.

The Forum was dedicated to the Balti City Day and was devoted to the local strategy for the development of the district heating system in the Balti municipality. The presentation described the overall objectives of the Project, brief technical descriptions and benefits expected and was received with interest by the audience.

The Project has quite a few challenges, and its support by the local authorities and the community generally is extremely important. The Consultant’s team will continue close interaction with the municipality and other stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery.


Balti District Heating Phase 2
In April 2023 GMCS signed a Consultancy Contract with CET-Nord JSC in Balti, Moldova, for the implementation of EBRD-supported Balti District Heating Phase 2 Project. The Project will be a follow-on investment in the District Heating (“DH”) system in Balti - the country’s second largest city in terms of area and economic importance, and the third largest in terms of population (151,500 inhabitants).

The Project focuses on: (i) Supply and Installation of Individual Heating Substations; (ii) Construction of Horizontal Networks in Buildings; (iii) Construction of a Thermal Energy Storage; (iv) Upgrading of the Water Treatment Facilities at the Central Production Plant; (v) Implementation of SCADA for Heat Distribution; (vi) Implementation of Thermo- Hydraulic Model and supply licenses; and (vii) Company’s balance sheet restructuring.

We will be supporting the Client during the project implementation until successful completion together with our partners SINERGETIKA Consulting SRL (https://www.sinergetika.org/ ) and AvantGarde-Group (https://avantgarde-group.eu/) and will carry out reporting obligations of the Client towards EBRD.




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