We believe that sustainable methods in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are the cornerstone of global long-term food security.

Our team has experience reviewing and advising projects in traditional agriculture and agricultural infrastructure.

Since late '90s GMCS Group holds an interest in a major international fruit trading company located in the Philippines.

Following our Sustainability ideals, in 2009 we have provided seed funding for an innovative agricultural startup in the Czech republic - VitEco. The company develops and implements a combination of environmentally sound agricultural technologies from permaculture to aquaponics. In the years that passed, with additional funding from GMCS Capital, the company acquired 140 hectares of land comprising arable land, pastures, forest, meadows, and commercial fish farm. The long and laborious process of converting from traditional to bio (sustainable) production methods is now ongoing. We are proud to say that VitEco is a respected member of the local community making a visible contribution to restoring its cultural heritage.

In 2017 GMCS is advising a UAE-based start-up providing turn-key containers producing berries and vegetables in extreme climatic conditions. Offering this technology to the Russian far north will revolutionize the quality of nutrition available in remote isolated towns.
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