GMCS GROUP unites regional companies under the same commitment to Quality and Sustainability.

GMCS GLOBAL QUALITY ASSURANCE POLICY is based on ISO 9001:2015 standards and adapted to GMCS GROUP operating procedures.

Our Global Quality Assurance Policy first emerged at GMCS in 2004. Adoption of a quality management system was a strategic decision that helped GMCS improve its overall performance and provided a sound basis for our sustainable development initiatives. Since then this policy has been fully established, implemented, maintained and is continually improved. It continues to guide GMCS GOUP in all of its activities ensuring consistent quality of our services across the practice groups and regional divisions. >This Policy is applicable to all the entities operating under GMCS GROUP brand worldwide. The Senior Manager of each GMCS Company is responsible for ensuring that each employee and long-term contractor of the company understands the policy and fully complies with it in performing his or her professional duties.

The Policy embodies seven key principles:

■ Client Focus

■ Leadership

■ Engagement

■ Process approach

■ Continuous improvement

■ Evidence-based decisionmaking

■ Relationship management